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COMI is a nonprofit organization that works with migrants in the city of Oaxaca. We are a shelter for those transiting through Oaxaca or those seeking asylum in Mexico. Our guests are involved in many of COMI’s activities and are an active member of our community during their stay. We strive to create a respectful, peaceful, and safe environment for all who enter through our doors.

our office

All guests register at the office. Here we provide an orientation on the risks and consequences, and the rights and obligations associated with migration.

We also assist in the processing of INM (Mexico’s National Institute for Migration).

We also help our guests in various other capacities and are dedicated to addressing their needs as best we can.

our good samaritan shelter

At the shelter we provide food and lodging. We currently have 45 beds and have separate dormitories for men, women and families. We also have overflow space in times of need.

We offer these services for 3 days to migrants in transit and 15+ days for those who are applying for visas in Mexico through INM (Mexico’s National Institute for Migration)

other activities

  • We celebrate various festivities, celebrations and relevant holidays.

  • Various workshops that are carried out by volunteers (cultural evenings, meal preparation, kids’ art classes, music workshops, etc.)

  • Building days, gardening days, improvement days where staff, volunteers and guests help out in the continued improvements of COMI.

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